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Deriva Paper – Issue 1

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In our first issue of Deriva Paper, we have set out to explore four neighborhoods in one city. To focus on the basics of the walking experience – looking intentionally at things we would otherwise find ordinary. We call it “exploring the invisible”.

Issue One consists of 135 pages  filled with original content: Photographs, illustrations, and words by 15 Contributors on a fine quality print finish. Proudly printed in Stockholm, Sweden.


  • Designer: Andrés Requena, Bea Bascunán
  • Writers: Julia Keller, María Solares, Sihan Tan, Sílvia López
  • Illustrators: Cristina Daura, Verónica Algaba
  • Photographer: Mónica Bedmar
  • Proofreader: Jamie Black
  • Translators: Astrid Portero, Luz de Frutos, María Esteban, Marta Royo

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