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Drift Magazine – Volume 4 (Stockholm)


Drift Magazine Volume 4 focuses on Stockholm. The Swedish capital is not only a trendsetter in fashion and design but also home to a tight-knit community of coffee-drinkers. Anchored by fika, in which Swedes meet friends for pastries and coffee to take breaks from everyday life, the Swedes have been cultivating rich coffee culture for centuries. Is it possible to retain that deeply ingrained tradition in the age of proliferating specialty cafes, environmental concerns, and immigration? Holding a magnifying glass to the contrast between a small and icy Baltic seaside city with quiet traditions and a city marked by perpetual innovation, Drift Magazine Volume 4: Stockholm is a must-have for coffee and travel lovers alike. 

Drift Magazine is all about coffee. It's about the people who drink it and the cities they inhabit, from consumers to coffeehouse owners to street venders to baristas. It's about the ways coffee helps us chart the geography of our environment. Each issue, Drift brings you a glimpse of what it's like to drink coffee in a different city. It highlights locals and visitors both, and explores what makes them tick.

Available End of July 2016

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