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Fathers Quarterly No. 4

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Fathers Quarterly No. 4 is out now. In the fourth issue of Fathers magazine we take a look at various examples of fatherhood. We learn what raising children is like in multicultural Berlin, in a family of artists and in a small Eskimo community. We know no recipe for perfect fatherhood, but we keep searching for it, as we talk to parents that do their best to live up to this challenge.


Mihály Csukrán, Sven Ehmann, Kari Herbert, Krzysztof “Krisek” Kwiatkowski, Maksymilian Dobromierz Kwiek, Lars Mytting, Marek Przystaś and Szymon Rogiński.


Monika Stelmach, Agnieszka Bułacik, Wojciech Mikołuszko, Marika Krystman, Jesse Burke, Jacek Tomczuk, Sebastian Garthoff, Anna Maziuk, Ben Stephens, Bela Komoszyńska and Filip Springer.


Jesse Burke, Bartek Wieczorek, Agnete Brun, KwieKulik, Ewa Miketa, Jakub Stanek, Szymon Szcześniak, Max Zieliński and Wojtek Woźniak/Makata.


Daniel Luther, Jagna Wróblewska and Tomasz Zuchniewicz.

It is a unique combination of a book and a magazine. It’s a Polish concept, printed in two versions: Polish and international. Publication developed in accordance with the idea of “slow journalism”. It is full of timeless content related to the areas of conscious fatherhood, culture, travels and lifestyle.

With its visual design our project really stands out among other magazines. Dedicated photo sessions and illustrations are a perfect companion to the texts: interviews, reports, essays, and feature articles.

Available in April 2017.


  • Size: 160 x 215 mm
  • Pages: 144
  • Language: English
  • Issue limited to: 5000 copies
  • Distribution: worldwide

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