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Frankie Magazine Issue 53 - Bestellen bei LOREM (not Ipsum) - Bern (Schweiz)

Frankie Magazine – Issue 53

(inkl. MwSt. und exkl. Versand)

Prepare to have your socks blown off, frankie types – issue 53 is on sale and just between us, it's a bit of a doozy.

Inside you'll find a chat with modern feminist icon Caitlin Moran, a look at life in a Mennonite community, and a big fat celebration of sisterhood. There are building blocks made from fabric, letters made from herbs and 19th century characters made from needle felt by two Canadian brothers who love to read.

What's that you say? A recipe for mulled wine to chase the cold weather away, a little look at how to raise chooks in the city, a quick trip to Seoul and a refugee's tale that includes pirates? Yep, we've got them, too. Oh, and an in-depth look at the history of big hair, a load of snuggly new winter fashion, and a hard-hitting report on the life of a crazy cat lady. Plus there's the usual shedload of music, craft, design, photography, real-life reads and giggle-worthy rantings peppered with the occasional bit of misguided wisdom. All this and we reviewed dog food for you, too. Yep. Really.

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