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Frankie Magazine – Issue 56

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Issue 56 of our fair magazine is out now – dare we say it – it's pretty bitchin'. We've got an ode to first sharehouses, chats with cat ladies, the quietest of quiet furniture, well-dressed beds and a look at the '80s British indie scene (hello Morrissey and much floppy hair!).

And how about a bit of love advice from Marky Ramone, some hip hop cakes, the science of left-handedness, 3D sugar printing – yes, it's real – snazzy sandals and international nannas showing off their best chow? For those with a crafty bent, we have some pretty ideas for festive décor from some of our favourite maker types (spoiler alert: no Santas or reindeer). And if that's not enough to keep your fingers busy, we invited five rad artists to create some relatively grown-up colouring-in pages for you to scribble and doodle on at will.

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