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Frankie Magazine – Issue 57


This issue is BIG. And HEAVY. But mostly BIG. Big enough to include DIY designer envelopes. Big enough for extra-special greeting cards. And big enough for a massive, cute and super-handy 2014 wall planner in addition to our usual two-month calendar and poster.

It's also big enough to have loads of rad stories inside: grandmas who rock, life lessons from original riot grrrl Kathleen Hanna, Sierra Leone street style, ice-cream themed fashions, young pattern designers from around the world and a guide to help you not kill succulents. We have advice from a 'bibliotherapist' on what books to read when hungover and/or on a really long plane trip, spiritual guidance from a champion crocheter and Britain's oldest punk, and tips for how to buy art when you're low on cash. Want some info on retro-era plates and eggs with clown faces on them? That's in there too. Also – in no particular order – mozzie repellents, pillow forts, the joy of lying to children and Gareth Liddiard.

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