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GOOD Magazine Issue 29

GOOD Magazine "The Exploration Issue" (Ausgabe 029)


It’s 2013 and there is no off the grid.


  • Remembering the Eckhart Tolle before his bubble burst
  • Traipsing through the bone-ridden catacombs of Paris
  • Living lefty yet learning to love the gun
  • Meeting the nomads who give a damn
  • Photographing the preposterous beauty of a planet scarred by climate change
  • Chronicling the curious cross section of filmmakers, futurists, artists, and entrepreneurs gazing towards outer space as the next frontier


  • A thought experiment on establishing a healthier relationship with your past from award-winning filmmaker Scott Thrift
  • Tips on how to find your own underground tunnels from one of the world's most notorious "urban explorers"
  • A primer for starting your own political party
  • A challenge from media activist Sean Bonner to collect experiences, not stuff
  • A DIY project for capturing the earth from above from underwater innovator Eric Stackpole
  • A creative collaboration led by trans-media guru Lance Weiler that shares wishes for the future

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