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Hot Rum Cow – Issue 9 (The Cocktail Issue)

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Hot Rum Cow Issue 9 is available now. Let's cocktail! From invention to perfection – through degradation and resurrection, Hot Rum Cow explores 500 garish years of the muddled and mysterious, contradictory and chintzy, innovative and intoxicating history of the mixed drink.

Pull up a stool at Cocktails & Dreams and let us be the worldly-wise mentor Bryan Brown to your naïve young upstart Tom Cruise as we guide you through:

  • 17th century mixology – party like a Puritan!
  • Building your own authentic Tiki bar – get rattan-ready
  • Hurricane to highball – an end to your vessel vexation
  • The hard times and high life of the boilermaker
  • Something savoury from Mr Lyan
  • Naming your new drink after experimental monkey surgery

Putting the shaker to one side for a moment, there's also time for a Beer World Cup, an evening in a cloud of booze, ant gin and critter bitters, beer goggles de-bunked, biodynamic wine debated, Sibelius sloshed, and the Cybertron bar all the Transformers are talking about

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