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Weapons of Reason – Issue 1 (The Arctic)


Weapons of Reason is an publishing venture to understand and articulate the interconnected global issues shaping our world, beginning with an exploration of the Arctic. Ambitious, personal and driven by our desire to use design as a force for good, Weapons of Reason is our own four-year publishing project: a magazine to explore the biggest challenges shaping our world. Issue one? The Arctic…

The Challenge

  • Weapons of Reason (WoR) aims to take the most complex challenges facing the world and communicate them simply and powerfully to the widest audience possible.
  • Our goal wasn’t to provide answers, but instead ask the right questions and inspire people to join the dots for themselves.
  • Most importantly, WoR’s goal is to turn knowledge into action.

The Solution

  • We chose ‘The Arctic’ as the debut issue to be explore the the first publication in WoR’s four-year, bi-annual magazine project.
  • Using longform storytelling, illustration and striking data visualisations, we divided our 116-page magazine into Past, Present and Future to convey the complex narrative of the Arctic’s issues in a clear, compelling fashion.
  • We assembled a expansive team of journalists to delve deeply into the topic, seeking guidance from NASA scientists, polar experts, Nobel Prize winners, IPCC report contributors, climatologists, Inuit representatives, Arctic locals and many more.
  • Leading illustrators, including Jean Jullien and Adrian Johnson, were commissioned to provide an accessible way to approach the huge topic with great visual thinking.

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