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Kinfolk Magazine – Issue 12

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Kinfolk's Summer 2014 edition (The Saltwater Issue) will explore the world’s oldest and most used seasoning while also looking at it—and us—in its natural habitat: the sea.

Instead of the stereotypical nostalgic summer issue full of things we’ve covered already (swimming, surfing, hammocks, etc.), this issue will focus not only on our salty theme but also on encouraging people to get outside and be spontaneous in the warm weather. Sunlit, euphoric photo essays will be accompanied by salty commentary and social history: Think of it as a summer issue with a seasoning of culture.

We’d love for our readers to walk—or swim—away from this issue with a few of things on their minds: to take themselves less seriously, to not be afraid to try something new, to flow with the tides (or to push against them at the right moment) and, most importantly, to build a sandcastle and have some fun. This issue’s double-barreled concept will provide the readers both with a carefree outlook and a solid backbone of research, food culture and dinner-table conversation. Care to put your toes in? The saltwater’s warm.

“We encourage you to walk—or swim—away from this issue with the inclination to get outside and revel in the tastes and feelings of summer.”
Nathan Williams, Editor in Chief & Georgia France King, Editor.

Kinfolk Issue Twelve includes such stories as:

  • Writing the Waves: an essay looking into John Steinbeck’s relationship with the sea
  • The Salt and Vinegar Menu: a simple menu based on the classic flavor combination
  • South American photo essays: photographers guide us through Peru’s salt ponds and Bolivia’s salted desert
  • What I Learned From the Sea: an interview with Mark Kurlansky
  • High-rise Harvest: a profile of a rooftop salt harvester in Manhattan
  • A Culinary Salt Roundtable: we listen to a number of chefs, food writers and others talk about the ubiquitous tabletop seasoning
  • and more...

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