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Lost in Berlin – The Travel Guide

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Lost in Berlin is available now! To present the city, we have drawn from our network of local insiders, ranging from an award winning sommelier, Billy Wagner, and renowned fashion blogger Jessica Weiss to Werner Dähn, a Hollywood actor and a creative couple, Emmy Urban and Felix Peterson.


  • True Berlin Originals: A selection of interesting Berlin locations
  • Dinner for Two: We meet with creative couple Emmy Urban and Felix Petersen who present us their home district of Mitte
  • Discovering Berlin-Mitte: Our selection of spots in Mitte
  • Fashion Forward: Interview with Fashion Blogger Jessica Weiss, we discuss the Berlin Fashion scene
  • From Hard Beats to Big Business: DJ Alexandra Droener describes the evolution of electronic music in the capital
  • Land of Rave and Glory: A photo showcase by Tillman Brembs
  • Western Revival: Actor Werner Dahn presents the West and why it is becoming fashionable again
  • Exploring the West: Our selection of locations in the West
  • Hot Melting Pot: We meet Sommelier Billy Wagner who presents us his favorite restaurants in the city
  • The Good, the Bad and the Trendy: Nina Trippel chronicles the evolution of up-and-coming neighborhood Neukölln
  • From Berlin with Love: A selection of Berlin souvenirs
  • Where to Stay: A selection of fine hotels

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