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Lyra Magazine – Issue 2


Lyra Magazine Issue 2 is out now. Issue 2 is fresh off the press and you can be the first to get your hands on a copy. Explore with us the interlinked and contradictory themes of self-love and vanity. Loving oneself is the only fruitful base for all things to come. If no one else told us, L’Oreal certainly did in 1971: Because you’re worth it. But how does self-love start, and where should it end before turning into narcissism along the way?

Model Georgia Hilmer tells us how she is confronted by her own pleasure and fear simultaneously when meeting Zadie Smith on the campus of New York’s NYU. Philosopher Jeff Black lays the foundation explaining how when we are the best version of ourselves we are also what others want us to be. As Wolfgang Tillmans rightly announced in his campaign no man is an island. In the midst of working on Issue Two Brexit happened and opened our eyes to a different climate. While we still rise to the consequences, Lydia Morrish examines with one eye the US election and with the other our UK leaders. How did we end up in this grotesque political circus? A lecturer at London’s famously left-wing university Goldsmiths, Will Davies connects the dots to how politics and economy play an increasing role for our private happiness. He is not alone – Susie Orbach too realises that our most inner journeys are turned into click bait and marketing tools. Photographer and journalist Samra Habib opens up about stereotypes and shows how their inverted reality can be turned into a praised art project. New York’s sexiest baker Lexie Smith revisits gender roles in Michelin-starred kitchens while Madeleine Stack takes us on a walk through Paris with Sophie Calle. Come along.


Jeff Black, Holly Dawson, Alice Hall, Karine Thompson, Lukasz Wierzbowski, Estée Lalonde, George Muncey, Lydia Morrish, Mia Korab, Basia Sliwinska, Tomasz Skowronek, Madeleine Stack, Sophie Calle, Philippa Snow, Mareike Müller, Martina Paukova, Georgia Hilmer, Derrick Santini, Izabela Anna, Liane Al Ghusain, Carl Gray, Lexie Smith, Constance Watson, Luisa Blandon, Georgina Gray, Ailsa Ogden, Tuchi, Ailsa Ogden, Charlotte Wales, Arianna Lago, Gioia De Bruijn, Will Davies, Susie Orbach, Samra Habib, Elliot Camarra, Guy Kozak, Lynn Melnick, Marta Bausells.

LYRA is a quarterly print magazine offering a bold feminine perspective on society, politics and the arts. Lyra employs journalistic investigations, philosophical essays, erotic stories, poetry, photography and fiction, alongside many reflective pieces to encourage thoughtful dialogues and critical perspectives while showcasing the voices of young artists and writers.

Available Mid December 2016

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