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Makeshift Magazine Issue 14 - Bestellen bei LOREM (not Ipsum) in Zürich (Schweiz)

Makeshift Magazine Issue 14 – Harvest


Makeshift Magazine Issue 14 is out now! 


  • Farm Chat: Rural farmers swap ag tips and personal stories in 11 WhatsApp groups across India.
  • Green Lung: In a small patch of Bamaki, a few plots of land stand strong.
  • Sweet Dirt: To grow organic in Cuba, gather cacao husks, tree bark, and tobacco leaves.
  • The Shooter’s Growers: With U.S. drug users creating the demand, small-scale farmers in Mexico grow the clandestine supply.
  • Swee Crimes: If bureaucrats sour the market, maybe it’s time to find your own sugary flow.
  • Net Worth: When rainy season hits, value awaits in unexpected runoff.
  • Air Drops When the wells run dry, look for water in the sky.
  • Parisian Plantations: As the urban growth continues, there’s still lots of places to put down roots.

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