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Makeshift Magazine Issue 15 – Bestellen bei LOREM (not Ipsum) in Zürich (Schweiz)

Makeshift Magazine Issue 15 – Boundaries

(inkl. MwSt. und exkl. Versand)

Makeshift Magazine Issue 15 is out now! This issue features tax-savvy shoppers, houses from recycled boats, bureaucracy-beating apps, and tales of migrant ingenuity — creative workarounds for a world crisscrossed by boundaries.


  • Observed: Turkey. A smuggler, armed with a plastic whip, organizes passengers about to board a boat on the ‘Bay of Smugglers’.
  • Remote Patrol. Refugees who take to the sea send signals for extra protection
    A yellow-vested taxi driver zips around the market, in search of customers to ferry across Friendship Bridge.
  • Frontier Shopping. Skip the customs slips and stow your passport in this mecca of tri-border trade
  • Mong La Luck. In a zone without clocks, it might be time to lay down your last bills
  • Invisible Prayers. Unofficial mosques let Greece’s Muslims pray their own way
  • Suburban Satellite. Tinker your way into deep space, one small cube at a time
  • and more…

Issue 15 will be the last printed copy of Makeshift. 

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