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Makeshift Magazine Issue 2 – The Mobility Issue

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Makeshift’s second quarterly issue, themed Mobility, is officially en route to a doorstep or newsstand near you! From fuel smuggling in Cambodia to Jeep Parades in Colombia, the Mobility Issue takes you on a tour of how people move themselves and their possessions at the street level.

The Content

  • Chukudus zoom through rural Congo toward the market. Overloaded matatus haul Kenyans to and from work. Hacked tuoloji supply Myanmar with water in the dry season. Our travels form a symphony of movement, coordinated by drivers and guided by norms. Each driver constantly makes decisions to stabilize the vehicle, avoid a collision, or maximize profits. And each vehicle sits at the center of its own ecosystem: a network of makers, repairmen, and fuel suppliers—and sometimes of regulators, bribers, and smugglers. Driving each story is human ingenuity—creativity fueled by resource constraints. Whether the motivation is to solve problems, earn revenue, or strengthen relationships, we keep moving ourselves and our possessions, extending our reach to places unknown and returning home.
  • Shadow Goods: Robert Neuwirth explains how under-the-table transactions fuel the movement of goods to markets across the globe—and support billions of jobs.
  • Fuel Hustle: Anh-Thu Nguyen reveals an underground economy of smugglers and roadside vendors who supply Cambodians with fuel at a reliable price.
  • Let It Flow: Urban planner Ben Hamilton-Baillie discusses his philosophy of shared space and how traffic signs and hard rules disrupt the flow of traffic.
  • Infographic "Supplies Unchained": How global supply chains link consumers with distant factories, mines, corporations, markets, and informal economies.
  • Observed "Mobility": A visual tour of Mobility around the globe, from styling transport in Panama and Pakistan to moving goods in Thailand and the Ivory Coast.


  • Driving tips from New Delhi
  • Bicycle-powered machines
  • Designing appropriate vehicles
  • Truck hacks in Myanmar
  • And more... 

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