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Makeshift Magazine Issue 7 – The Crowds Issue

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Digging underground, stacking up to the sky, finding a quiet nook. We’re drawn to crowds, but we also need creative ways to deal with them. Let’s face it: when we come together, we’re bothersome, causing long waits in line and looting in the streets. But we’re also powerful, mobilizing survivors of domestic abuse and taking down governments. In the end, no matter how large the mass, groupthink still leaves us vulnerable to exploitation: persuasive politicians and artists above us, as well as thieves sneaking amongst us know how to take advantage of numbers. We can use crowds for our own gains and for building something bigger than ourselves. So the next time you find yourself amongst a herd, will you join it, lead it to greatness, or work against it?

The Content

  • Call to Action. Jonathan Arp reports on Crowdring, which used missed calls to influence policy in Kenya.
  • Clocking the Flock. Maria Gallucci follows herds of amateur scientists tracking migratory herds.
  • Mob Justice. Daniele Volpe documents Guatemala's Neighborhood Guardians on patrol.
  • Infographic: Counting the Crowd. Building up the biggest crowds, then breaking down what makes them buzz and swarm.
  • Observed: Crowds. From train pushers to marriage markets, our far-flung contributors offer a visual tour of Crowds.


  • Cubans paid to queue
  • Training Spain's pickpockets
  • Finding quiet spaces
  • A global flash-mob heist
  • Egypt's crowdocracy
  • And more... 

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