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MOOD Magazine Issue 2 – Bestellen bei LOREM (not Ipsum) in Bern

MOOD – Issue 2

(inkl. MwSt. und exkl. Versand)

In the second issue MOOD explores the art of eating outside, visits a seafood pop-up restaurant run by a heavy metal drummer, travels to Ghent to taste the city's traditional treats, takes a cocktail tour of Palm Springs, listens to the stories of a musician and a chef in Minneapolis and much more.


  • Iciar J. Carrasco, Photographer, Madrid
  • Paul Dallison, Sub-editor and Writer, Brussels
  • Katie Eberts, Illustrator, Grand Rapids
  • Nicole Feest, Photographer, Minneapolis
  • Amy Freeborn, Photographer and Writer, London
  • Adriano Galante, Musixologist, Barcelona
  • Lindsey E. Holmes, Interviewer, Minneapolis
  • Jessica Jungbauer, Photographer and Writer, Berlin
  • Matt O'Leary, Writer, Gothenburg
  • Justin Roth, Photographer and Writer, Atlanta
  • Katherine Workinger, Photographer, Los Angeles

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