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MOOD – Issue 3


Issue 3 looks at the people behind the products that make life better: Belgian beer, gig posters, Chinese food and more. And MOOD keeps traveling. This time to find a music and food paradise in Northern Spain, to discover how much fun bowling can be across America and to capture one of the most magical music festivals on earth in England.


  • Megan Barnes, Writer, Washington D.C
  • Paul Dallison, Sub-editor and Writer, Brussels
  • Katie Eberts, Illustrator, Grand Rapids
  • Nicole Feest, Photographer, Minneapolis
  • Adriano Galante, Musixologist, Barcelona
  • Justin Gellerson, Photographer, Washington D.C
  • Rebecca Hovel, Photographer, Brooklyn
  • Caro Hutchings, Photographer, London
  • Emily Jonzen, Writer, London
  • Matt O'Leary, Writer, Gothenburg
  • Robert McBryde, Photographer, Edinburgh
  • Chiara Pannozzo, Photographer and Writer, Edinburgh
  • Justin Roth, Photographer and Writer, Atlanta
  • Katherine Workinger, Photographer, Los Angeles

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