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Noble Rot – Issue 9


Noble Rot Issue 9 is available now!

  • Interview with Mark Ronson at Marylebone’s new Basque grill, Lurra.
  • Has English sparkling wine come of age? We visit some of the country’s best producers and hold Rotter’s Champagne VS English Sparkling Wine Awards. Read which wines came out on top in our blind tasting.
  • Short guide to Barolo & Barbaresco, Italy.
  • The Stars Of The Loire Valley. Noble Rot visits Clos Rougeard, Domaine Guiberteau and Didier Dagueneau.
  • Features, stories and opinion pieces about chef Charlie Trotter, The Fat Duck, restaurant toilets, BBC 2’s Food & Drink, Bartolo Mascarello, English cheese and amphora made wine.

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