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Offscreen Magazine – Issue 1


The first issue includes conversations with web standards wizard Dan Cederholm, all-round-talent Drew Wilson, former design lead Hannah Donovan, 37signals' designer and product manager Ryan Singer, design entrepreneur Andrew Wilkinson and pixel-perfectionist Benjamin de Cock.


  • Dan Cederholm on playing the banjo, finishing his fourth book, and running a community of creative Dribbblers.
  • Drew Wilson on growing up on a farm, putting his family first, and organising his own web design conference.
  • Hannah Donovan on moving from Canada to London to design a better experience for music on the web.
  • Ryan Singer on how philosophy changed his view on interface design, and finding balance through meditation.
  • Andrew Wilkinson on building several successful online businesses and his ever-increasing shoe collection.
  • Benjamin de Cock on the benefits of living in the Belgian countryside and the lessons learned from launching his new app.


  • Essays. Jack Cheng, Ashley Metz
  • Logbook. Paul Robert Lloyd, Jenn Lukas, Pat Dryburgh, Kristina Schneider, Adii Pienaar
  • Profiles. Michael Flarup, Allison House, Justin Morris, Allison Grayce Marshall, Zach Acuna
  • Desktop. Scott Boms
  • Workspaces. Campaign Monitor, Soundcloud, The Wonderfactory
  • Chatroom. Sam Brown, Tim Van Damme
  • Thoughts. Robyn Morris, Charles Riccardi
  • Outlook. John Barton, Jesse Bennett-Chamberlain,Tim Lucas, Trent Walton, Timothy Meaney
  • 10 THINGS. Earle Castledine
  • Photos & Illustrations. Carla Hackett, Sina Diehl, Ashley Baxter, Brooke Herbert, Jamie Mckelvie, Keegan Jones, Lincoln Barbour, William Wilkinson

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