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Offscreen Magazine – Issue 12

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Offscreen Magazine Issue 12 is out now! In the new Issue, we take an insider's look at Zendesk’s impressive growth with co-founder Alexander Aghassipour; ustwo co-creator Matt ‘Mills’ Miller shows us how to create a ‘fampany’ of 250 employees while putting fun first; travelling photographer and designer Dan Rubin examines his new career path – powered by Instagram; science geek Ariel Waldman calls on the web community to participate in space exploration; Basecamp co-founder Jason Fried defies the startup hype and makes a case for longevity in business; and the father of web standards, Jeffrey Zeldman, reflects on the web that was and the web that will be.


  • Alexander Aghassipour. Co-founder of Zendesk — on enticing new customers with a Buddha Machine, the sexualisation of enterprise software, and floating on the New York Stock Exchange.
  • Matt ‘Mills’ Miller. Co-founder of ustwo — on wearing pink wigs during interviews, seeing his game on House of Cards, and creating a company based on genuine friendship.
  • Dan Rubin. Designer, Photographer, Speaker — on building a new career through Instagram, what UI designers can learn from cameras, and how too much freedom may lead to burnout.
  • Ariel Waldman. Science & Space Exploration Advocate — on what it’s like to work for NASA, turning non-scientists into space hackers, and what a beard detector has to do with cosmic rays in a cloud chamber.
  • Jason Fried. Co-founder of Basecamp — on avoiding risky bets, the twenty-dollar bill that launched his career, and what an oak tree can teach us about sustainable growth.
  • Jeffrey Zeldman. Father of Web Standards, Designer — on designing for a screenless experience, the web community’s open-hearted sharing culture, and his imaginary friend, Mr. Huffington.


  • Thoughts — Food for thought by Erin McKean and Ben Callahan
  • A Day In The Life Of — Spend a day with Tim Herbig and Sameera Kapila.
  • May I Ask — Maya Cakmak answers questions about robotics, human-computer interaction, and AI.
  • Pastures New — From hashtag to haystack: Rachel Segal is a digital strategist and a first-time farmer.
  • One Question — We asked Kate Ho, Bastian Allgeier, Vaidehi Joshi and Eli Schiff where they see themselves and their careers in the years ahead.
  • Life as a Digital Nomad — Marina Janeiko is a UX designer who has spent the majority of her adult life travelling and observing the flux of cultures and paradigms.
  • Whatever You Want It to Be — Made by Many ventures beyond its digital agency roots to launch a new product that has kids’ imaginations running wild – by Rachel Mercer.
  • Workspace — Tack, Uber, Jelly Button Studios, We Are Social
  • and much more


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