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Offscreen Magazine – Issue 2


In the second issue Offscreen speaks with the legendary Iconfactory founder Gedeon Maheux, Berlin's Wunderkind Christian Reber, robot-inspired app maker Mark Jardine, Sketchnote artist Eva-Lotta Lamm, retro-game designer Shaun Inman and British Software entrepreneur Dan Counsell.


  • Gedeon Maheux (Co-founder of The Iconfactory) on building his iconic company and meeting the love of his life in an AOL chatroom. 
  • Christian Reber (Co-founder of 6Wunderkinder) on co-founding a start-up with his girlfriend and being an advocate for Berlin’s thriving start-up scene.
  • Mark Jardine (Co-founder of Tapbots) on growing up in Asia and Hawaii, and how his iPhone apps were inspired by a Pixar movie.  
  • Eva-Lotta Lamm (UI Designer at Google) on publishing her sketchnote books and discovering her Germanness while living in Paris.  
  • Shaun Inman (Independent Web & Game Developer) on his furious Final Fantasy sessions, and composing chiptunes for his latest retro game.
  • Dan Counsell (Founder of Realmac Software) on being a vegan and dad of three, while running a successful software company.


  • Essays. Andy Mangold, Shawn Blanc
  • Logbook. Felix Haas, Ines Gamler, Arttu Mäki, Iris Lješnjanin, Nick La
  • Profiles. Jean-Marc Denis, Tina Stäheli-Shinohara, Martin Karásek, Tiffani Jones Brown, Marcel Wichmann
  • Desktop. Chriss Glass
  • Workspaces. Teehan + Lax, Disqus, Zurb
  • Memento. Noah Stokes, Laura Brunow Miner, Morgan Allan Knutson, Chesley Andrews, Mike Precious
  • Outlook. Tim Riley, Jessica Harlee, David Yeiser, Dominique Leca, Dean Hudson
  • Thoughts. Jeff Broderick, Marc Edwards
  • Photos, Illustrations & Misc. Anthony Piraino, Benedikt Lehnert, Design Blitz, Guilherme O'Connor, Jän Paul Ostendorf, Kyle Steed, Office Snapshots, Richard Shepherd, Tom Jenkins, Yohan Bittan, Paulina Olszanka


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