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Offscreen Magazine – Issue 3


In the third issue Offscreen talks to CSS-wizard and Internet nomad Chris Coyier, Australian bootstrap-entrepreneur Collis Ta'eed, ex-Google designer and Avocado co-founder Jenna Bilotta, creative visionary and Facebook designer Wilson Miner, Smashing co-founder und editor-in-chief Vitaly Friedman and Happy Cog's Philly-based president Greg Hoy.


  • Chris Coyier (Founder of CSS-Tricks & more) on creating his insanely popular CSS resource and his chances of surviving a Zombie Apocalypse.
  • Collis Ta'eed (Co-founder of Envato) on growing up in Papua New Guinea and building an online business with family and friends.
  • Jenna Bilotta (Co-founder of Avocado) on designing for an audience of hundreds of millions and why “avocados” make a great app name. 
  • Wilson Miner (Product Designer at Facebook) on why Facebook is a different breed of employer and how his dad shaped his time/space perception. 
  • Vitaly Friedman (Co-founder of Smashing Media) on writing a book at his mum’s kitchen table and his commitment to sharing knowledge. 
  • Greg Hoy (President at Happy Cog) on running one of the world’s leading web agencies and his failed attempt to pitch the Dog Umbrella.


  • Essays. Simplescott, Justin Lee Kropp
  • Logbook. Netta Marshall, Dan Scotton, Josh Brewer, Isabelle Landthaler, Dison Du
  • Profiles. Chris Kalani, Christina Mcbride, Lee Byron, Rose Yao, Skip Bronkie, Jessica Gronski, Tim Belonax, Greg Hoy, Jane Justice Leibrock, Melody Quintana
  • Success. Jason Fried, Jeffrey Zeldman, Liz Danzico, Charles Adler, John Gruber
  • Workspaces. Atlassian, Carbonmade, Skype, Forward Internet Group, Mozilla
  • Travel Notes. Christian Springub, Peter Steinberger, Diana Mounter, Nathan Mcginness, Sebastiaan De With
  • Wireframes. Todd Moy, James Stark, Łukasz Tyrała, Kerem Suer, Sockyung ‘Sox’ Hong
  • Other Contributors. Design Blitz, Richard Sheperd, Jän Paul Ostendorf, Eva-Lotta Lamm, Geri Coady, Matt Brown, Tiffani Jones Brown, Paulina Olszanka, Studio Sarah Willmer Architecture, Sina Diehl, Marc Thiele

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