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Offscreen Magazine – Issue 7

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Issue No7 boasts a refreshed design and even more inspiring stories. Our interviewees this time are Australian all-round talent, Cameron Adams; founder of t-shirt community Threadless, Jake Nickell; video game fan and 3D-printed doll creator, Alice Taylor; one of the lead creatives behind Obama’s presidential campaign, Scott Thomas; Tokyo and Switzerland-based information architect, Oliver Reichenstein; and Gowalla creator and former Facebook designer, Josh Williams.


  • Jake Nickell. Founder of Threadless — on shipping millions of t-shirts, ranking number one for ‘bunions’, and shooting Zombie movies at the office.
  • Alice Taylor. Co-founder of MakieLab — on being part of the national Quake team, printing non-creepy dolls, and the challenges of running a tech company as a mother.
  • Scott Thomas. Co-founder of The Noun Project — on his childhood obsession with floor plans, designing Obama, and what a 500-year-old letterpress can teach us about design today.
  • Oliver Reichenstein. Co-founder of iA — on growing up amongst rats, rants and cigarettes, his forays into philosophy, and the clash of Japanese and startup culture.
  • Josh Williams. Co-founder of Gowalla/Last Guide — on being a teenage CEO of his parents’ business, and launching the first (well, maybe second) location-based social network.


  • Thoughts — Food for thought by Michael Honey and Louisa Heinrich
  • A Day In The Life Of — From the diaries of pixel artists and code wranglers: Cem Hurturk, Jaime Derringer, Miika Puputti, Tracy Chou
  • Mistakes Made — Nobody is perfect: Nadine Roßa, Nathan Garvie, Tracey Foulkes, Kevin Huynh
  • Workspace — A look behind the scenes of the workspaces of digital creators: Asana, iProspect, The Giant Pixel Corporation, Evernote, Fueled Creative, YouSendIt
  • Feature — Kevin Russ travels the US armed with an iPhone and an eye for great sceneries.
  • User Experience — San Francisco-based Lyft runs an Airbnb-style car service: Crystal Wiggins, Elliot Franks, Peter Chung, Tricia Huerta
  • Reflections — Christopher Murphy shares his most personal thoughts about his struggle to keep up.
  • and much more


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