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Offscreen Magazine – Issue 8

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Issue No8 brings you conversations with Australian-born banking maverick Josh Reich; New Orleans-based ed-tech entrepreneur Jennifer Medbery; the founder of award-winning digital agency Big Spaceship, Michael Lebowitz; creator and print devotee Richard Moross; trailblazing Paper and Pencil maker Georg Petschnigg; and Twitter's Vice-President of Design, Mike Davidson.


  • Josh Reich. Co-Founder of Simple — on quitting med school, his nerdy adulation of numbers, and his concept of a pain-free relationship with money.
  • Jennifer Medbery. Founder of Kickboard — on the role of tech in education, being an entrepreneur in post-Katrina New Orleans, and how to make kids think like programmers.
  • Michael Lebowitz. Founder of Big Spaceship — on making websites for Hollywood, how seating arrangements affect creative output, and his aversion to rock-star culture.
  • Richard Moross. Founder of MOO — on the worst product name in the history of branding, and building a tech company on the back of a printing business.
  • Georg Petschnigg. Co-Founder of FiftyThree — on how modern dance techniques inspire his leadership style, the complexity of hardware production, and the nonlinear creative process.
  • Mike Davidson. Twitter VP of Design — on his formative years in the mosh pit, how to measure startup success, and discovering permanence in building his own home.


  • Thoughts — Food for thought by Greg Knauss and Cassie McDaniel
  • A Day In The Life Of — Rafael Conde, Rin Räuber, PJ McCormick, Alice Newton
  • Feature — Chris McClelland builds a mobile-controlled, beer-brewing robot.
  • Profile — The Conversation presents a new approach for fact-based news reporting.
  • Founder Story — Dale Partridge leads a for-profit company with a charitable mission at heart.
  • User Experience — Duolingo connects language students worldwide.
  • Feature — Tyler Kealey art-directs from his home in the remote Canadian mountains.
  • Home Work — Ricky Onsman, Erin Anacker, Duncan Graham, Julien Martin
  • Gear Guide — by Casper Klenz-Kitenge
  • Workspace — Stripe, Open Table, Wotif, Twitter, envato, YouTube Creator Space
  • Reflections — Matt Gemmell and the meaning of legacy in the digital age.
  • and much more


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