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Pineapple Magazine – Issue 1


Airbnb has launched a new magazine. Pineapple Magazine Issue 1 (Winter 2014) is a printed magazine where honest stories are told by the unexpected characters of our community. It is a crossroad of travel and anthropology; a document of community, belonging and shared space.

Pineapple is a platform for the incredible stories from Airbnb’s extended family to be shared; it is somewhere for readers to see how people live and create connections in cities today. Split in to distinct chapters, each issue Pineapple studies three urban environments: The launch issue is all about London, San Francisco and Seoul. These cities were chosen for their contrasting visual identities and the incredible cast of characters who have shaped their cultural landscape.

From the group of friends in East London who occupy an old Victorian school building and its grounds— a pocket of true collaborative spirit—to the educationalist in San Francisco who works with 6,000 children across the city each year, bringing them together to read, write and inspire each other. We went hiking in the urban forests of Seoul with a group of pensioners who have discovered a new way to appreciate the urban fabric surrounding them; and beneath the hills in the city's Gangam-gu district we spoke to the artists taking up residence in 28 slick-black converted shipping containers, their art pushing the boundaries of the digital and virtual worlds.

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