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Popshot Magazine – Issue 15 (the Adventure Issue)

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Popshot Magazine Issue 15 is out now. Our fifteenth issue, featuring twenty pieces of stunning new writing that explore adventure in its countless forms; from the exhilarating to the frightening to the extraordinary. Spread across its pages, expect to find an alluring collection of illustrated poems and short stories that take us to the moon, the end of the world, a deserted cluster of islands, a lake in Mexico, a turbulent hot air balloon ride and an infant's first encounter with language.

Words by Karen Jane Cannon, James Hatton, Abigail Hodge, Allie Jenkinson, Eleanor Pilcher, Jacqueline Saphra, Sophie Fenella, Drew Tapley, Frankie Kennedy, Pete King, Ash Huntley, Ethan Chapman, Luciana Francis, James Glossop, Georgia Oman, Karen Harvey, Marcus Smith, Joshua Schouten de Jel, Odette Brady and John Rowland.

Illustrations by Thomas Danthony, Tom Radclyffe, Oli Winward, Plantmonster, Adams Carvalho, Peter Locke, Stephan Schmitz, Matt Harrison Clough, Mitt Roshin, Dave Hänggi, Marie Bergeron, Cristian Fowlie, Marco Melgrati, Matthew Brazier, Paul Lacolley, Stuart Patience and Bren Luke.

Available Mid November 2016

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