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Popshot Magazine Issue 16 – Bestellen bei LOREM (not Ipsum) in Zürich (Schweiz)

Popshot Magazine – Issue 16 (the Hope Issue)

(inkl. MwSt. und exkl. Versand)

Popshot Magazine Issue 16 is available now. Our sixteenth issue, featuring a timeless collection of poems and short stories that explore hope in all its weird and wonderful ways. Within its pages, we'll find a daughter extracting memories from her mother's mind, a couple feasting on slices of rainbow, refugees spreading roots in friendlier lands, a woman who begins to disappear from sight and someone with a small, bright bird inhabiting their chest.

Words by Jacob Newell Armitage, Katherine Venn, Mike Fox, Rowan Dent, Tracy Fells, Lucy Winrow, Lynsey Morandin, Denni Turp, Louise Green, Craig Wallwork, Mab Jones, Elizabeth Lovatt, Miki Byrne, L P Lee, Kieran Cottrell, Ugo Okoronkwo, Geoff Bennett, Ledlowe Guthrie, James Hatton, Katie Overstall, Donna Laemmlen, Peter Grandbois and Cristina Haraba.

Illustrations by Ivan Canu, Joanna Gniady, Luis Pinto, Pedro Semeano, Mike Lees, Mitt Roshin, Slava Nesterov, Gabriella Barouch, Pete Reynolds, Lovely Creatures, Isabel Albertos, Leib Chigrin, Natalie Barahona, Oliver McAinsh, Lauren Crow, Yu-Ming Huang and Daria Skrybchenko.

Available Mid November 2016

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