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Printed Pages - Issue 7

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Autumn 2014

Printed Pages Autumn edition comes wrapped in an image photographed by the excellent Ben Sandler and Bonsoir Paris, exploring the theme of “The Fall”. Contained within you’ll find features on designer Mike Perry’s most treasured possessions, a vast archive of Riot Grrrl zines from academic and educator Teal Triggs, a swift biopic of Peggy Guggenheim, an interview with Australian comics artists Simon Hanselmann and Grant Gronewold about their collaborative relationship, photographer Lucas Foglia discussing the stories he uncovers when immersing himself in rural America, international artist Olafur Eliasson talking openly and honestly about his work past, present and future, and photographer C-G Hagström looking back on his relationship with illustrator and artist Tove Jansson.

We also look at whether the Methodist Church can coexist with one Norwich-based design studio, why British creatives are obsessed with the USA, and we explore some of the weirdest magazines occupying space on the newsstands. Isy Suttie likens the word nice to a first snog on a fairground waltzer, Ian Stevenson praises spelling mistakes to high heaven, and Grant Gillespie offers up an extraordinary story about a gifted beautician.

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