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Pure Green Magazine – Vol. 6


The current issue is themed 'Inspired Workplace'. We wanted to tell a story with this issue—to share a narrative about how things are made and the creative lives that thrive around that process. There is a certain romance to a maker’s life, to the story of the person who has chosen to embrace a creative life despite the often-bumpy road. These stories are engaging and foster an appreciation for how things are made. Supporting handmade is responsible too, both environmentally and socially, and is a difference that we can all make. As always, this issue is filled to the brim with beautiful imagery and is just begging to be picked up and savoured.


  • A sustainable leather workshop, Stitch & Hammer, set in the stunning hills of Colorado.
  • The brilliant and celebrated work of Ariele Alasko.
  • A fantastic couple in San Diego, on life and the creative process, plus their wonderfully creative light fixtures made with upcycled materials.
  • Flowers and creativity, as inspired by nature.
  • The work of Toronto illustrator Melinda Josie, featuring her beautiful watercolours.

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