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Pure Green Magazine – Vol. 7

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THIS ISSUE IS DEDICATED TO THE MODERN HOMESTEAD—UNLIKE OUR PIONEER ANCESTORS FOR WHOM IT WAS A NECESSITY, HOMESTEADING TODAY IS MORE OF AN IDEAL, A WAY OF LIFE, THAT CENTERS UPON DOING THINGS MORE SLOWLY, WITH PURPOSE, AND BY HAND. Megan of Fig & Fauna said it best in her interview: “To me, the modern homestead isn’t about a fifty-acre farm—it can be in any home, apartment, or condo; it really comes down to the act of trying to revive a process that brings you closer to the craft and a product.”


  • Two authentic homesteaders in Ontario and Oregon
  • Megan of Fig & Fauna on hosting lost skills workshops
  • Maura of Folk Fibers
  • Baking Throughout the Seasons with Yossy Arefi
  • Crafting wild bitters in the mountains of Colorado with DRAM Apothecary
  • Visiting a charming bakery in Vergennes, Vermont

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