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Pure Green Magazine – Vol. 5


The current issue is themed 'Wanderlust'. It tells real stories of the adventures of our contributors, and it shares the beauty of this world with you, hopefully evoking within you a deep sense of stewardship for this place we call home. Each page holds a treasure, and visually I'm proud to say I think this is perhaps our best issue yet. The contributors who worked on this issue with me have really outdone themselves, and to take in the pages with a warm cup of tea is to spend an few hours dreaming of faraway places.


  • Inspired living. Around the world / Pack your bags
  • Vintage. Signed, Sealed, Delivered
  • Paris. A walking tour
  • Fashion. Eco picks for him and her
  • Pilgrimage to the mountains. Hiking in majestic Colorado
  • En route to Puglia. A serene and sun-soaked trip to Italy
  • The last great wilderness. A world-class voyage to Antarctica
  • The back way. A cross-Europe road trip

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