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Riposte Magazine – Issue 7


Riposte Magazine Issue 7 is available now! Riposte #7 hits the newsstands with a line up of brilliant women and thought-provoking features that delve into big topics.


  • Singer & cellist Kelsey Lu who talks about her background in a religious cult and her experience as a black woman in America.
  • Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso opens up her office for an afternoon of conversation about her approach to business and the next phase of her life.
  • Plus size model Paloma Elsesser gives a personal and honest interview about her attitude towards her body and her past problems with drugs and alcohol.
  • At 95, Betty Reid Soskin is the oldest park ranger in America. She walks us through the social and political history of America and her own families ascent from slavery.


  • Fashion & Art: Astrid Andersen, Cozette McCreery, Caitlin Price and Nick Wakeman of Studio Nicholson discuss the piece of art that changed their life
  • Florist Constance Spry: photographer Maisie Cousins creates a beautiful photography series that celebrates the innovative life and work of Constance Spry
  • Female Fixers: meet women reporting from the Middle East
  • Don't Do It For The Likes: Why popularity on social media isn't always a good thing
  • Esther Mahlangu: We celebrate the work of the South African artist
  • Flings: Why a fling isn’t a bad thing
  • Toxic Beauty: Alexis Krauss, front woman of Sleigh Bells asks, “What’s in your cosmetics?”
  • An ode to cursing: why it’s the f*cking best
  • Repeal: there’s a look at the performance protest group taking on Ireland’s anti-abortion laws one pair of knickers at a time
  • Poly Styrene of X-Ray Specs closes the issue as our icon.

Available End of November 2016


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