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Soffa Magazine – Issue 11


Soffa Magazine Issue 11 is dedicated to Colors: journey with us into the mystique surrounding the perceptions and meanings of colors, and discover how colorful our lives truly are!

We wanted to use this issue of SOFFA to remind you and ourselves of the importance of the colors around us are to our psyche and state of mind. Colors accompany us every step of the way, and they deserve our appreciation!

It's hard to imagine what the world would look like without color, just as it was hard to put together the contents of this issue. Where to begin? What should we focus on when a human being can differentiate 2,000 different shades? In the end, we tried to adequately capture the reality that colors are not a given, but through them we can express ourselves and enrich our lives.

In a narrative photo story we used smoke bombs and holi dust to illustrate the meaning and perception of colors in various cultures. In contrast, our portrait gallery of women from various racial archetypes and colors of skin, hair, and eyes creates a minimalist impression. The naturally colorful ingredients in our recipe will entice your taste buds. You'll also discover, for example, why so many houses in Sweden are red. And since it is October, we'll also set off to pick mushrooms!

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