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Soffa Magazine – Issue 12

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Issue 12 is devoted to ENJOYMENT: we’ll show you how to enjoy all the pleasures that each day has in store for you, both big and small. Smile! Laughter is good for you. We realised how little people enjoy all the everyday joys of life, big and small, but smiling and laughing is so good for you! What’s more, the main reason why we publish SOFFA for you, and why it is the way it is, is to give you – our readers – some enjoyment and pleasure. We therefore hope that in this issue, which is devoted to pleasure of all kinds, you’ll again find articles that will elicit a smile on your face.

Maybe you don’t realise it, but over the two years of SOFFA’s existence it is you, through your support, who have given us so much joy and happiness, and that is what gives us the “kick” we need whenever we’re so exhausted we feel we can’t go on. And believe us, working on a magazine is no walk in the park. One example is the story of one of our readers, Jáchym, who began to take an interest in interior design thanks to SOFFA. He made us so happy that we included his stylish, self-furnished room in this issue. Of course, you will find numerous other articles: a photo series on smiles; a report from our workshop in a children’s home; Christmas goodies; a report on people for whom Christmas is a profession; a picture gallery of jewellery; and an exposé on the “guilty pleasures” of the editorial staff.

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