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Soffa Magazine – Issue 13


Soffa Magazine Issue 13 is about the HUMAN BODY. The body is the be-all and end-all for every living thing. Let’s discover the secrets of not just our own bodies, but the bodies of animals as well!

Our thirteenth issue focuses on the subject of the body, not only the human body but also the bodies of animals. If you think you know everything about your body, we believe that this issue will make you realise that’s not the case.

We consider the body to be a sort of starting point for everything, and so we have tried to look at this phenomenon from every angle. An unconventionally illustrated article will teach you about Czech medical discoveries in a way that we hope you will really enjoy. Have you ever seen Antonín Holý holding a monkey’s hand? A story where the human body is expressed in numbers will make you feel like going on a date. Admire glass skulls, heads and bodies created by Martin Janecký. Our people gallery will amaze you with all that can be done to the human body and how subjective and individual beauty is. A large part of this issue is also devoted to body care. Visit an unusual hair salon in Los Angeles, or learn how to make your own foot balm. And to be fair, we have set aside some space for animals as well. Have you ever asked yourself why snakes shed their skin? We’ll tell you!

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