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Space Magazine – Issue 2


Space Magazine Issue 2, an interior and culture magazine combining photography and writing with the universal subject of living. The second issue explores artists’ studios, focussing on the workspaces of our friends and collaborators – the artists who inspire us most.

Alister Mackie, the creative director of Another Man magazine, and possibly the most influential menswear stylist of our times, gives us a unique tour of his home and studio in East London. In Stockholm, we meet with the artist Mamma Andersson, known for her almost hypnotic studies of everyday life – mysterious but hauntingly familiar. For this issue, Mamma documented her atelier with a candid and eye-opening series of Polaroid images. We also meet the Norwegian photographer and artist Benjamin Alexander Huseby, who, realising that he needed a change of scene from photographing fashion in London, moved to Kreuzberg in Berlin, joining the Basso collective, a hub for activity and activism.


  • Take a seat. Photographer Jonas Unger proves that there is more to chairs than just being practical objects — Photography Jonas Unger
  • Sprouts. Artist, photographer, garden designer and Renaissance man Benjamin Alexander Huseby gives us a tour of his obsessions — Photography Benjamin Alexander Huseby, Text Frederik Bjerregaard
  • Creatures. Ceramist Jessica Hans’s raw and imperfect pottery is like nothing you’ve ever seen — Photography Bohman and Sjöstrand, Styling Max Schiller
  • Copenhagen spaces. Architecture-student-turned-photographer Philip Messmann’s take on Copenhagen and its architects — Photography Philip Messmann
  • The unexpected space between reality and imagination. He may be one of the most in-demand architects out there, but Jo Nagasaka is keeping it real with “down to earth” designs — Photography Lucy Campri, Text Frederik Bjerregaard
  • Not just Another Man. Influential fashion editor Alister Mackie invites Space Magazine into his home — Photography Casper Sejersen, Text Frederik Bjerregaard
  • Unremarkable spaces. Artist Mamma Andersson talks painting and life with her friend and art director Greger Ulf Nilson — Portrait Hasse Nielsen, Conversation Greger Ulf Nilson
  • Man on the Moon. Modern and contemporary furniture at the Moon HQ in Copenhagen — Photography Kira Bunse, Styling Emelie Johansson
  • Naked Ambition. Danish artist Tal R reveals all about his extraordinary series of nude women — Photography Hasse Nielsen, Text Frederik Bjerregaard

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