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The Gourmand – Issue 4

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  • Tomb Raiders. Sam Bompas explores the wonders and perils of alcohol archaeology and offers instructions on how to forge a much sought-after vintage
  • Even the Saltshakers Smiled. Patrick Baglee delves into the archives of pan-Latin American La Fonda del Sol, the innovative 1960s New York restaurant and Alexander Girard’s design masterpiece
  • Address to a Haggis. Kyle Hugall pens an ode to Scotland’s legendary offal and oatmeal delicacy, and a plea for its legalisation in America
  • Forbidden Fruit. Photographer Aaron Tilley and set designer Kyle Bean capture the dark side of apples, pears and more
  • La Primera Comunión. Photographer Bronia Stewart gets up close to an all-day communion celebration in Chalco, Mexico
  • First Drops. Ananda Pellerin eats homemade gnocchi and makes wine in a garage with her Italian-American family in East Boston
  • Space Fodder. From the USA to the USSR to Korea, Chris Hatherill and Thomas Sadler investigate the politics of dining in orbit
  • and more…

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