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Water Journal – Volume 3

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Water Journal Volume 3 is out now. From salt pools of the sacred valley in Peru to hidden caves in the quiet town of Sintra and a trip across the driest desert in the world, we invite you to explore captivating stories from all around the globe. Volume 3° features a contemplation of the delicate structure of seaweed, the process of creating Spirulina paintings, ceremonial practise of Spirit Medicine and many more stories by talented contributors who made it come to life.


Jonas Jungblut (cover photography), Kim Høltermand, Lotte de Raadt, Rebecca Ley, Axel Sigurðarson, Nicole Patel, Matthew Johnson, Naomi Hill, Toby Mitchell, Fred Tougas, Beth Squire, Mitchell Hollander, Juan Fabuel, Urban Koi, Nirit Gur Karby, Eduardo Cerruti, Stephanie Draime, David Alvarado, Cydney French, Steven Xue, Lehman Pekkola, Thomasina Legend, Luis Lazo, James Aiken, Ethan Porter, Víctor González.

Available MidEnd of July 2017

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