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Works That Work – No. 6

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Works That Work No. 6 is out now! Forgotten ideas worth a second look. Many magazines rush to cover the latest news. Works That Work is interested in the impact of design and forgotten ideas worth a second look.


  • Weapons of Mass Deception. Part of the Second World War was fought with dummy vehicles and counterfeit weapons designed to deceive the enemy and confuse intel.
  • Roadside Attractions. The unexpectedly diverse and beautiful bus stops of the former USSR, lovingly documented by photographer Christopher Herwig.
  • Our Country is The World. In the wake of the Second World War Garry Davis launched his effort to establish a universal world government by issuing its passport.
  • What a Difference a School Can Make. Seemingly simple design decisions can make a school building more comfortable and make students more likely to complete their education.
  • Cars That Run on Trees. Though they may seem like a steampunk fantasy or a whimsical curiosity, wood-burning cars were once commonplace in Europe.
  • Colour Photography Before Colour Photography. Colour photographs taken over a hundred years ago using a primitive, long-abandoned process which produces spectacular images.
  • The Cobbler Who Conquered the World. The principles and practices of the man who turned a humble family business into the world’s largest shoe manufacturing enterprise.
  • Fighting Illiteracy With Typography. Why an attempt to simplify Arabic script for printing and learning has the potential to boost literacy, and why it has not yet succeeded.
  • Nutcrackers. The traditional way of processing the *coco de babaçu* still surpasses mechanical methods, but the women who use it face serious obstacles.
  • The Language of Colours. The Munsell Color System catalogues the broad range of colours perceivable by the human eye and reproducible by imaging technology.

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