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Works That Work – No. 8


Works That Work No. 8 is available now! The new issue of WTW how Bhutan became an inspiration for both developing and developed countries.

There is more to Bhutan, however than colourful temples, traditional dress and the institutionalisation of well-being. Bhutan is a country where ordinary people as well as government agencies are facing the everyday challenge of maintaining their own cultural identity while finding their place in an increasingly global and technological world. We traveled to Bhutan to learn more about this unique place firsthand by talking with people who live there.

We spoke to people are making a difference: not just the politicians setting the future direction of the country, but also entrepreneurs building businesses in a land where happiness is prioritised over material goods, postage stamp designers whose work helps to raise funds for further economic development, filmmakers who tour remote parts of the country to show their movies and engage with their audiences, and artists taking on a wider social responsibility by helping indebted farmers in the countryside.

Available Mid March 2017

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