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We love magazines and we love to travel. In every country we travelled to, we discovered new publications that were not available in Switzerland. That's why we founded loremnotipsum.com in 2010. Our goal is to offer really cool magazines from all over the world in one common place with worldwide shipping.

Period Zine Issue 8 – loremnotipsum.com
Period Zine Issue 8
Boy.Brother.Friend Magazine Issue 4 – loremnotipsum.com
Boy.Brother.Friend Issue 4
Fantastic Man Magazine Issue 36 – loremnotipsum.com
Fantastic Man Issue 36

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Hot off the press

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    The Female Explorer No. 5

    The Female Explorer No. 5 ist da. „Manchmal müssen wir die Kälte spüren, um unser eigenes Feuer zu nähren. Mit roten Wangen und gefrorenen Wimpern durch den Tiefschnee stapfen, entlang vereister Wände klettern oder ins eiskalte Wasser tauchen.“
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    Folklife Magazine Volume 6 (Money) – loremnotipsum.com
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    Folklife Magazine Volume 6

    Folklife Magazine Volume 6 is available now on loremnotipsum.com. Another issue of the premium award-winning semiannual Island lifestyle magazine is here. Filled with trademark love and warmth, this 128-page captivating read explores the complicated idea of money plus being chock-full of so much more!
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    The Plant Magazine Issue 18 – loremnotipsum.com

    The Plant Magazine – Issue 18

    The Plant Magazine Issue 18 is available now on loremnotipsum.com. Besides providing botanical contents in a simple, personal and cozy way; The Plant offers plant lovers a new look at greenery by featuring the works of many creative people who share our love for plants.
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    ELECTRA Magazine Issue 18 (City, Countryside) – loremnotipsum.comELECTRA Magazine Issue 18 (City, Countryside) – loremnotipsum.com
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    ELECTRA Magazine Issue 18 (City, Countryside)

    ELECTRA Magazine Issue 18 (City, Countryside) is out now. The subject “City, Countryside” is key to understanding our times, a theme which touches all areas of political, economic, social and cultural life.

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  • The Road Rat – Issue 11

    The Road Rat Issue 11 features the original BMW M colours on the front and back covers and over 20 pages of BMW M1 origin story by writer Richard Meaden. Also between the covers there’s Maserati, Matra, Ford F-Series pickup, Enzo Ferrari’s original V12, unseen images from Goodwood in the 1950s, and Paul Bracq, designer of the W113-series Mercedes SL, in the regular Retrospective feature.
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    The Preserve Journal – Issue 7

    The Preserve Journal Issue 7 is now available at loremnotipsum.com. The Preserve Journal is dedicated to the exploration of a more sustainable, responsible, and resilient food culture. With it we wish to invite our readers to look beyond the bite of food on their fork, and to see the whole picture of their meal and their role in it.
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  • Das Wetter Nr. 28

    Das Wetter Nr. 28 ist da und erhältlich auf loremnotipsum.com. Die neue Ausgabe kommt mit 130 Seiten Inhalt und vier Titelgeschichten. Mit dabei sind Billie Eilish, Julian-Jakob Kneer, Oliver Sim, Phoenix und viele andere Künstler*innen.
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    ELECTRA Magazine Issue 17 (Football)

    ELECTRA Magazine Issue 17 (Football) is available now on loremnotipsum.com. Football has grown into an unavoidable social fact, a powerful industrial complex that has expanded beyond stadiums and championships to invade our daily lives.
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    We Jazz Magazine Issue 4 (Summer 2022)

    We Jazz Magazine Issue 4 (Summer 2022) is here. The fourth issue of We Jazz Magazine, "The Call" for Horace Tapscott. Stories include Go Go Penguin, Horace Tapscott by Andy Thomas, Tigran Hamasyan by Rui Miguel Abreu, Istanbul Scene by Alper Kaliber, Isaiah Collier by Daniel Spicer, Bill Frisell by Debra Richards, DJ Old Crank by Matti Nives, Tokyo Jazz Joints Vol. 2 by Philip Arneill, reviews, plus more.
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    Flaneur Magazine – Issue 9 (Paris)

    Flaneur Magazine Issue 9 (Boulevard Périphérique, Paris) is available now on loremnotipsum.com. The Boulevard Périphérique is mostly perceived as an infrastructure of communication. It is, indeed, a road. And whilst the opening scene of La la land (2016) made us reconsider the opportunities offered to us by traffic jams, a road is mainly designed for high-speed circulation. You don’t dwell on the ring road - you pass through.
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    MARVIN Magazine Issue 7 – loremnotipsum.com
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    MARVIN Magazine – Issue 7

    MARVIN Magazine Issue 7 is here. A punk rock messianic vision for the future. A large-format music fanzine from the man behind RayGun magazine, the 90’s most influential music mag. The iconic musician gracing the cover of this issue is American DJ and producer Steve Aoki.
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    Fare Magazine – Issue 11 (Lisbon)

    Fare Magazine Issue 11 (Lisbon) is available now on loremnotipsum.com. Lisbon's steep, sun-drenched hills are home to crumbling tiled facades, pastel hues, and landscaped parks. In a city awash with new opportunities, Lisboetas still share in their collective memory of the city's past.
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