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We love magazines and we love to travel. In every country we travelled to, we discovered new publications that were not available in Switzerland. That's why we founded loremnotipsum.com in 2010. Our goal is to offer really cool magazines from all over the world in one common place with worldwide shipping.

Period Zine Issue 8 – loremnotipsum.com
Period Zine Issue 8
Boy.Brother.Friend Magazine Issue 4 – loremnotipsum.com
Boy.Brother.Friend Issue 4
Fantastic Man Magazine Issue 36 – loremnotipsum.com
Fantastic Man Issue 36

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Hot off the press

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    Frame Magazine – Issue 150

    Frame Magazine Issue 150 is here. Frame is the world’s leading interior design publication. Since its launch in 1997, the magazine has remained faithful to its mission: putting interior architecture on the map as a creative profession that’s equally important as design and architecture.
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    Profane Magazine No. 15

    Profane Magazine No. 15 (I Am Not a Number) is available now on loremnotipsum.com. Type in the words editorial / amateur / collection / Instagram /pleasure / hands / make / trance / flights of fancy / decor / necklace / tree / courtyard / uniform / loaf. Let the algorithm do its work. And wait. A little.
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    Flagrant Magazine – Issue 4

    Flagrant Magazine is an inclusive print publication that unearths the stories surrounding the culture of basketball, including the artists, communities, projects, and fans.️ As the only women-founded basketball magazine, we are used to hoops — jumping through them, watching them, and playing them.
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    Fare Magazine – Issue 12 (Copenhagen)

    Fare Magazine Issue 12 (Copenhagen) is here. It’s easy to fall in love with Copenhagen, a picturesque harbourside city that innovates with modern comforts, community living, and creative expression. From swims at the pier to cosy candlelit afternoons, evenings spent cycling down sleepy historic streets, or rounds of Danish snaps and games at the bodega, Copenhagen always manages to match the mood and the moment.
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    REED Magazine – Issue 2

    REEd Magazine Issue 2 is here and features the creative visionary and esteemed footwear designer and frequent collaborator, SALEHE BEMBURY! Salehe Bembury is a creative by trade, who has made an indelible mark on the world of footwear design.
    CHF 30.00 (incl. VAT)
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  • Foyer Magazine – Issue 2

    Foyer Magazine Issue 2 (the Hearth & Home Issue) is here. The second issue presents a special focus on what it feels like to belong, in all its shapes and sizes through the concept of ‘home’.
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    Beneficial Shock! – Issue 7

    Beneficial Shock! Issue 7 (Together/Apart) is here. In this issue you’ll discover why twins and doppelgängers often scare us silly, meet the unconventional ‘family’ at the heart of Duncan Jones’s Moon, confront aliens and alienation in Greg Araki’s Queer LA of the 1990s and (possibly) cry at the saddest movie goodbyes. Oh, and that’s just for starters.
    CHF 21.00 (incl. VAT)
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    Suitcase Magazine Volume 39

    Suitcase Magazine Volume 39 (the Ritual Issue) is available now and takes you to: Antarctica, Estonia, Japan, Malaysia, Panama, Romania.
    CHF 22.00 (incl. VAT)
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    KALEIDOSCOPE Magazine – Issue 41

    KALEIDOSCOPE Magazine Issue 41 (Fall/Winter 2022) is here and launches with a set of six covers, and a revamped look. A publication from Milano, Italy. A biannual “almanac of contemporary aesthetics,” the meeting place for a global community of creative minds, drawn by an audacious art direction and contributions from visionary artists, writers and image-makers.
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    Hotshoe Magazine Issue 208 (Martin Parr) – loremnotipsum.comHotshoe Magazine Issue 208 – loremnotipsum.com

    Hotshoe Magazine – Issue 208

    Hotshoe Magazine Issue 208 (Martin Parr) is here. Martin Parr, one of the most important figures in British photography, is well known for documenting the English social classes. A prominent member of Magnum Photos since 1994, he changed how we see British society and documentary photography with his use of colour rather than black-and-white.
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    TIDE Magazine – Issue 3

    TIDE Magazine Issue 3 is here. This issue, we sail around some hidden Caribbean gems, put our feet up at Dominica’s eco-obsessed Secret Bay Hotel, and chart a course around Costa Rica’s Pacific coastline.
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    It’s a passion thing No. 7

    It’s a passion thing Issue No. 7 is available now on loremnotipsum.com. Issue 7 comes with a brand new design and more content. Featuring interviews with Anna von Hellberg & Laura Castien, Georgia Brooks, Ju Schnee, Stephanie Dettmann, Saskia Diez, Rana Salam, and many more.
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