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A Rabbit’s Foot is a British-based quarterly printed film and art bookazine, founded and edited by the film producer and businessman Charles Finch. Finch hosts the Oscars, Cannes, and BAFTA dinners and has long- standing connections to the film industry. Established as an “insider’s look at the industry, from a current, historical and international perspective” with a premium, handmade feel, A Rabbit’s Foot aims to be a cerebral companion for those curious about arts and films, with a consumer-facing focus. Each quarterly edition is themed around a cultural motif (such as French cinema or Politics and Film) and contains interviews, essays and biographical writing around that chosen topic, alongside photography, behind the scene-images and film stills. A Rabbit’s Foot Magazine is celebrating film, art and culture and the fascinating ‘peeps’ that create these things we love…The filmmakers, the actors, writers, musicians. The painters, photographers and, of course, the stories themselves. From the mind of producer, writer, and filmmaker Charles Finch, we are a new bookazine and digital platform with an informed focus on film, art, and culture. A Rabbit’s Foot Magazine is for those of you who require a more cerebral approach in your interest in cinema and the arts – whether you are a film student, an artist in need of inspiration, or an industry expert. Thoughtful essays and stories from leading directors and actors are joined by the most wonderful photographers.

A Rabbit’s Foot Magazine


  • Country: United Kingdrom
  • Language: English
  • Frequency: 4 issues/year

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