Gentle Rain Magazine

Gentle Rain Magazine is a publication about Hamburg. It looks at co-existence in urban space, portrays people in the city and shows how they live and work. We also make excursions into the creative habitats, urban enclaves and nearby retreats in and around the metropolis that is our home. “Gentle Rain – and other reasons to love Hamburg” is Hamburg’s first English-language city magazine. It covers what life is like in a shared urban space, shows how young Hamburg citizens live and work, and explores creative hives and retreats in the city and its immediate surroundings. Gentle Rain Magazine captures the tensions and contradictions arising. This bookazine – a hybrid of book and magazine – is particularly aimed at visitors and people from abroad who are interested in the city – potential Hamburgers whose first language is not German. The magazine offers them a relevant view of the city, going beyond mere listings of attractions and sights. The Magazine is a product of the Die Brueder design and editorial agency, with offices in Hamburg and Berlin. The founders Malte Brenneisen, Martin Kaumanns, Malte Spindler and Urs Spindler have been intensively engaged with digital and printed magazines for years, and publish both self-initiated projects and commissions from higher education institutes, associations, confederations and businesses. Once a year, at Indiecon – The Independent Magazine Festival, they bring together around 150 magazine-makers in Hamburg.

Gentle Rain Magazine


  • Country: Germany
  • Language: English
  • Frequency: Irregular

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