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Oak The Nordic Journal

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Oak The Nordic Journal is a biannual magazine with an international reach. Oak covers Nordic culture, food and design with a focus on the lifestyle and the people involved, presenting a mix of design, lifestyle, experiential travel writing, food stories, and notable Nordic figures. The stories are carefully curated for their durability, both aesthetic and content-wise, and the kernels of Nordic allure apropos our dynamic culture of design, lifestyle, and traditions that has kept the world looking at us, intrigued, for decades. The long reads and range of content in Oak are a response to this very real need to slow down, take time, to turn pages, and perhaps most meaningfully, to gain a fuller picture of the Scandinavian way of living. The magazine is founded by Anne Riis and Laura Terp Hansen in 2013.

Oak – The Nordic Journal


  • Country: Sweden
  • Language: English
  • Frequency: 2 issues/year
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