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Know Your Village

Continuing our search for the perfect walkable/bikeable village, this issue we visit the renowned McLaren Vale. Here, in one of the natural food bowls of South Australia, COLLECT discovers an intelligent town taking confident steps toward the international recognition it deserves.


Neither on-trend nor classically fashionable, our look into the clothes people wear this issue takes us to Te Anau, New Zealand, for a rockin’ rodeo. Photographer Kate Elmes discovers a world full of contrast, somehow formal yet comfortable.

How we’d do it

Our daydreaming turns to an inner-city public space where the cars pay for bikes and the food comes to you.

Essay – A symbol for knowledge, immortality and the fall of man

It used to be the mission that captured our attention. Now, Connor O’Brien suggests technology itself has become the fixation – and one company has positioned itself nicely at the centre of the universe.

Mmm food – Tweedvale Milk

Milk is one of the few things that is naturally delicious. This issue, COLLECT looks at a family operation in the Adelaide Hills which utilises the ‘less is more’ principle as a guiding mantra for their product.

Smart Cities: The garden city

Whether you’re a proponent of the garden city movement or not, Stuart Gifford makes a strong case that links colonial-era designs with a suite of events featuring in this year’s Adelaide Fringe. Can the original vision for our city finally be achieved?

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