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Know Your Village

It’s a short drive from Adelaide CBD, but socially and economically Elizabeth is eons away. COLLECT checks in on the northern manufacturing town and is pleased to find the catch-up effort gathering momentum.

Photo essay

A lady architect in skinny jeans, work boots and high-vis vest? Yes, please. We examine building site fashion, where function always beats form.

How we’d do it

COLLECT expands its empire by designing this physical store version of ourselves: it’s the Old way print shop, and unsurprisingly it’s full of ideas and old machinery.

Essay – Built to last

Australia has been building things for tens of thousands of years, but the country’s brand still doesn’t have a distinctive flavour. It’s time to shape up, before we lose the economic heart of our sunburnt land.

Mmm food – Warning: 26 ingredients in a single serve

COLLECT nutritionist Soren Kristensen shakes his head as he dismantles everybody’s favourite muesli bar.

Smart Cities – Looking for leaders

All the good ideas in the world won’t save a city unless there is someone to implement them. COLLECT longs for a little taste of the brave leaders of yesteryear.

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