Disegno Magazine No. 15

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Disegno Magazine No. 15 is available now at LOREM (not Ipsum). The story of Amanda Levete’s porcelain courtyard for the V&A; a travelogue about spirituality’s role in the architectural reconstruction of the Kathmandu Valley; strategies for queering objects with Gabriel Maher and Nina Power; an interview with Kieran Long about his plans to revive Stockholm’s ArkDes.

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Disegno #15 features workshop photographs exploring Jerszy Seymour and Cucula’s vision for a post-integration Berlin; the forgotten history of silipol, Milan’s postwar marble alternative; futurist analysis of Ross Lovegrove’s retrospective at the Centre Pompidou; a photographic farewell to 2 Belfast Road, the home of Okay Studio and friends; spatial politics raised by the renovation of Jesus Christ’s tomb; an analysis of the cotton poplin practice of Cos’s Karin Gustafsson; Pink Floyd and the rise of the jukebox exhibition; an investigation into the infrastructure behind Kenya’s state-sponsored torture; Urban-Think Tank’s plan to Reactivate Athens; and an El Ultimo Grito inspired roundtable about the critical and cultural value of the glitch.

Disegno Magazine is aimed at those who are hungry for updates on architecture, design and fashion. The three aspects of vanity are very neatly compiled into one very special magazine and it is the most sought out magazine as it graces the stands only twice in a year. The magazine has inspired a legion of architecture, interior designers and fashion designers for many years – it is revered by the designing community in the world. The magazine has beautiful and explanatory illustrations of the latest architectural masterpieces erected across the world which is usually followed up by the input of the chief architecture and views of a critic at the end of it. The fashion section is a true fest for the eyes and gives the reader essential information regarding the hottest trends in the market. There are numerous interviews of the top fashion designers of the world and their take on the dying fashion, the latest fabric in use and other related areas. Featuring a section which answers the questions asked by you, these queries are answered by the esteemed line-up of contributors to the magazine. A must have for every design enthusiast!

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