The Alpine Review – Issue 2

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The Alpine Review Issue 2 (The Returns Issue) is out now. As the rate of change accelerates, many of us are devoting more and more energy to finding meaning, balance and a map that works.

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The Alpine Review Issue 2 (The Returns Issue) is available now on In pursuit of steady ground, we find ourselves looking to the past for solutions, inspiration, humility and truth. This more complete perspective allows us to weigh and measure the findings of today and yesterday, to pick what is appropriate, what works and what is real, and discard the obsolete, superfluous or absurd. Returning to first principles, original baselines and classic simplicity we take what has worked to solve what hasn’t, equipping ourselves with the wisdom of the ages as we correct and forge our path ahead.

The Alpine Review is a bi-annual, comprehensive magazine that tracks changes in thought, systems and creations around the world. It is a compendium of ideas for a world in transition. The Alpine Review assembles emerging signals, connections and patterns and tie them together with the people, places and things that draw the attention of our team. It’s about perspective. Climbing the mountain for the inarticulable gratification of surveying the landscape and getting an overview. It seems overwhelming at the bottom, but when you’re standing at its peak, the path makes sense and the journey worthwhile. It’s about massive disruptions; like tectonic shifts, they are most apparent at the edges where the plates collide: changing landscapes and making mountains. Finally, with mountains come cliffs, caves and caverns, hidden valleys and unexpected crevices to explore and discover.

Content: The Alpine Review – Issue 2

Betterness (by Paul Bennett)
The concept of Mastery is a powerful one, too often lost in today’s multitasked, cross-functional times. We pride ourselves in being…

You are what you share
In the context of the new chef craze, iconic culinary figure Jacques Pépin underlines the everlasting importance of simplicity and humility,…

Frugal innovation (by Charles Leadbeater)
Where do you go to find innovative solutions to complex problems? Charles Leadbeater argues that sometimes the most game-changing ideas come from…

An Unconventional Investment Property
Three miles off the coast of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, in the world’s largest freshwater lake, sits an undeveloped 90-acre island with an agenda.

Designing for uncertainty
Responsible design requires thinking ahead, outside of the realm of today’s definition of normalcy, and bravely facing the risks head-on. Anab Jain of Superflux shares her curiosity for the near-future, superdensity and the power of suspended disbelief.

Country crushes (by Michelle Lhooq)
What makes the global culture industry fall for some countries and not others?

and more…

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